The Secret of Product Management: Decide What You Care About, Set Goals, Measure, Repeat

Objective: Increase Drivers in System

Increase driver base in each region by 20%

Increase driver average session to 26 hours / weekly in all active regions

Objective: Increase Geographic Coverage of Drivers

Increase coverage of SF to 100%

Increase coverage for all active cities to 75%

Decrease pickup time to < 10 mins in any coverage area during peak hours of usage

Objective: Increase Driver Happiness

Define and measure driver happiness score

Increase driver happiness score to 75th percentile

When Facebook decided to revamp its mobile approach last summer, Zuckerberg refocused the company, giving each team mobile engineers and developers so that updates and new features could be built with the mobile experience in mind. “[Mark] said, ‘You know, we need to think about maybe putting mobile first and being a mobile-first company,’” Facebook Vice President of Business and Marketing Partnerships David Fischer told Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky in February. “We realigned the company around, so everybody was responsible for mobile.”

Facebook has since put hundreds of engineers through week-long iOS and Android classes on campus, Ondrejka said, and updates to the native apps come each month instead of three to four times a year.

Sources inside the company in the years after Twitter’s IPO also said that product decisions were often scrapped or never advanced out of initial tests if they were thought to inhibit user growth. “I did see a lot of decisions being made in terms of growth when it came to how to handle abuse, which I get,” former engineering manager Leslie Miley told BuzzFeed News. “But on the other side, if there’s a trash fire burning in your front yard, saying you don’t want to call the fire department because you don’t want to get the house wet is not really a sensical thing.”



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